Kaela – 4 – Reasons

“I am your captive?” Kaela tried to comprehend the situation while staying calm.
“I prefer to call you my guest.” Livington grinned. “Those goblins are dead and the whole of Undercity is looking for you. Best to stay low, right here. I’ll be honest with you Kaela. I sold you out to your Revenant when I noticed your potential back in Durotar. I needed intel in the cults and they could provide that. All they wanted was something in return. So I signed you up.”
Kaela laughed: “you are telling me The Revenant did not find me because he could sense my aura, like he told me?”
“Maybe he did, maybe he did not.” Livington shrugged. “I pointed him in your direction and got what I needed. Now that he’s gone – I can’t even find a trace of him – the deal is on hold and I take care of you again.” Continue reading

Kaela – 3 – The Sewer Hideout

After crossing the remainder of the tunnel they entered a bigger corridor with goo streaming in the middle. There were raised pathways on both sides of the stream and a small bridge to reach a wooden door on the other side. A burning torch was hanging next to it. The undead unlocked the door and directed her in. “After you” she hissed. Kaela wasn’t in the mood to try anything so she went in. What she found inside was beyond her expectations. A fully decorated room, furry pelts on the floor and a zhevra hide on the wall above the hearthfire. A cooking pot was hanging over the hearth and fresh fruit was lying on a rather large wooden table. In the corner there was a stone bed, probably dating from better times in Lordaeron. After the initial overwhelming phase, Kaela came to her senses and faced the undead: “What is the meaning of this?”

– “I hope you like it, orc. This used to be my hiding place before the plague.” The undead explained. “And now it will become yours.”
Before Kaela could ask or say anything the undead continued: “Hush my dear, don’t fret. My name is Lorrhaine Livington, your ‘master’ may have mentioned me?”
– “My master?” Kaela tried to play the fool.
– “Don’t play tricks on me Kaela. I know all about you. I know how you tried to animate your first doll as a child, I know where you summoned your first and your last imp, I know how you betrayed your family, I even know the shape of the birthmark on your loins. I probably know more about you than you know yourself. You see, I had somewhat of a deal with your master, The Revenant.” Kaela’s mouth almost fell open as Livington continued her monologue. “However, since he has disappeared, he has failed to uphold his part of the bargain. So I thought it would be best to reclaim my part of the bargain.” She paused and looked straight into Kaela’s eyes before she whispered: “you.”

Kaela – 2 – The Sewers

The Undercity sewers were bigger than she thought. Beyond the few familiar passageways there seemed to be a vast network of endless tunnels. Kaela was intrigued by the possibilities, but soon realized no one could ever find the way in this maze. Nevertheless, her undead captor didn’t seem to have any trouble finding her way. “We’re almost there” she hissed. “If you want to live, follow my exact footsteps.”

Kaela did as she was asked. Not that she had many alternate options. This was the first tunnel where they didn’t have to walk in goo, water or other liquids. “Wait here.” Continue reading

Kaela – 1 – The Fall

“Called back!? They have no right!” Kaela swore under her breath as she smashed the letter on the table. “If Vol’Jin wants to know where our allegiance lies he should come here and screen us himself. I’m not going back to Orgrimmar for 6 months to be told what to do. Have they replaced a goon with an imbecile?”
The goblin messenger wasn’t impressed: “look lady, I’m just here to deliver the mail and escort you back to Orgrimmar. If ya don’t want to come willingly, we’ll have to take measures.” He lifted his scoped rifle and waved it suggestively. His two goblin companions smiled widely as if they were hoping she’d resist. Continue reading


The Crimson Rose Saga (pt. 3): The Nightly Visitor

The Crimson Rose Saga is a series of stories based upon a short-story I wrote for a contest last year about a girl in a medieval styled world. It’s best to read them in order if you haven’t already. I’m currently at the third part, if you’ve missed any of the previous two installments, don’t worry you can read them over here:

  1. The Crimson Rose (pt. 1/2)
  2. The Crimson Rose (pt. 2/2)

It was just past midnight when she heard someone banging on the door outside. Malin wasn’t aware her uncle was expecting any visitors this late at night so she got out of bed to check what was going on. Moonlight shined through the windows, faintly lighting the room. She didn’t want Voclain to know she was awake so she snuck towards the hallway on her socks. Again someone banged on the front door as she heard her uncle muttering: “Yes, yes I’m coming.” It seemed as if it took her uncle years to open that door. In his clumsiness he dropped the keychain several times before he finally found the right key. “Just a minute!” The door finally opened with a squeaky sound after which she could hear a heavy voice: “Magister Voclain I presume?”

“That would be me yes. Who might you be? And what are you doing at my door in the middle of the night?”

“I was sent by the Arca Academy of Syniara. I believe you asked for us?” Continue reading


The Hunger Games

Last year I made a vow with my girlfriend not to watch any movies without reading the book first. I made an error on that with the first season of Game of Thrones, but made that up by reading the second book before seeing the second season of the series! Now last year there was this movie called “The Hunger Games” getting pretty decent reviews. I wanted to go see it but my girlfriend was all like: “no you have to read the book first!”.  After protesting she helped me remember the vow so next thing I did was to order the book. But it wasn’t just one book, but a complete trilogy! Here we go again I thought.. (remembering the Game of Thrones book series I’m not even halfway in yet). Continue reading


Fantasy Strijd 2012 – The Crimson Rose (pt. 1/2)

You may remember I participated in a writing contest a few months ago. Well, last week we finally got the results. There were more than 200 participants, mostly from Holland & Belgium. Twenty seven of those stories are now published in a book. I ended up at the 36th place with which I am actually very happy since it was my first story in dutch and my first short-story overall. I am currently translating it to english and I will share it with you in two or three parts. (I must add that it’s not entirely the same since I will continue the story and have more freedom on the lenght of it.) After all three parts of the story are posted I will put a link to the original dutch version that I submitted for those that would like to read that as well.  The dutch title of the story was “De Wendigo Roos” Continue reading


Mist Wars

Summer’s gone, holidays are almost over, all your books and games are finished and there’s little money left because you spent it all on that amazing trip to the south. Traffic to and from work has become dense again, raindrops seem to fall from the sky on the most unsuspecting moments and there’s nothing on tv.

Good thing you still got “a little” money left to spend on a good game. The question here is “which good game?”. There are so many, it’s true.
Continue reading


Guest Blogger Aggila: There and back again.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, here’s Aggilas first blogpost about the upcoming The Hobbit series:

Next Christmas we get to enjoy another Peter Jackson production, namely “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. Unless you’re like me and watch The Lord of The Rings-Trilogy once every two years, it may have been a while since you’ve last seen Middle Earth. For those of you who’ve actually read The Hobbit – yes, there’s a book – , you will already know that this is in fact a prequel to the original LOTR-Trilogy.

You know that book Bilbo wrote in the movies? “There and Back Again, a hobbit’s tale”? Well, in this movie we get to see this curious hobbit’s adventures. He journeys to the Lonely Mountain with a vigorous group of Dwarves to reclaim a stolen treasure. We will once again witness the city of elves, Rivendell where Lord Elrond will most likely reveal more secrets to the quest. Giant spiders and wargs will cross our heroes’ path. And of course Gollum and their, uhm… his ‘precious’ ring will do anything to stop them.

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