Divinity – Original Sin

Ten to fifteen years ago – I can’t recall the exact date, but I was still a poor kid depending on my parents’ wallet – there was this game called Divine Divinity. I was still new to the genre and I hadn’t played any RPG’s but Baldur’s Gate 2 & Fallout 2. I was walking in Ghent and I saw Divine Divinity lying in a store. I had read a few things about this belgian game company that makes good games and I really wanted to try it out. However like I said I didn’t have much money and the little money I did get was spent every weekend with my friends. I’ve had the game in my hands multiple times thinking “I need this” but I never got to buying it.

A few years later a new game came out called Beyond Divinity. And once again I was thinking “I need that!”. And then I was like: “but I still need to play the first one in the series… and they don’t seem to sell that here anymore… I’ll just wait until they sell them as a package on budget prices.” And to be frank, I haven’t a clue what games I did play between then and World Warcraft three years later…

A bit later around 2008 there was another divinity game, this time in 3D, called The Dragon Knight Saga (Era Draconis). I saw an early demo at Multi-mania in Kortrijk from the chief of Larian Studios I believe and I was impressed how such a relatively small company could make such a good looking and immersive game. I really needed to check it out but I was addicted to WoW back then. And my pc probably couldn’t handle the graphics.

Then, 2012, another Divinity title is waiting to be released called Dragon Commander. I don’t know much about it yet but it looks like you get to ride a dragon with rockets on its back. What could possibly be more kickass than that?

When Larian Studios was talking about their new game on Facebook a few weeks ago I thought they were talking about Dragon Commander, but instead it was yet another title: Divinity – Original Sin. When I read more about it I was glad to see they went back to their roots. The screenshots make me think of Diablo III but I don’t think it’s comparable since the focus in divinity will be much more on story depth & interaction.

There’s not so much known about the game yet however that you will be able to co-op all missions and the second player won’t just be like a follower. NPC dialogues will be with multiple people where everyone can do their saying and npc’s will react correspondingly. I don’t I have ever seen something like that in an RPG so I’m looking very forward to try that out!

There will also be a level editor which should be accessible for non-programmers. (I’m thinking a bit like the Neverwinter Nights level editor but less random) Screenshots again look very promising. I can’t wait to make my own level in there. (it all looks so cozy!)

All that said I really hope to get into the series now and make up for all those divinity-less years! (Oh I should probably mention I started playing the original Divine Divinity a few weeks ago but my pc tends to crash every now and then in it… I must say it feels very comforting and immersive. Bit hard to survive at the start though!)

You can read more about Divinity: Original Sin atΒ rpgwatch.com.

  • Dennis

    Achmed the dead terrorist in the last screenshot πŸ˜›

    • ForEach

      haha I hadn’t noticed that yet! you’re right! πŸ˜€

      If you’re interested in this game when it comes out, let me know, think this will be fun to play co-op :)