Entering the fantasy world of the mindflayer

I’ve been into fantasy & games ever since I started playing the open beta of Lineage: The Blood Pledge back in 2000. Before that I considered elves to be tiny Peter-Pan-ish fairies and wizards to be a rabbit breeder with a magic hat. Needless to say I was immediately sold to the genre and through the following years I have only grown more fond of it.

Now the thing is, my friends never really liked gaming or fantasy as a whole. They thought (tbh I still believe they think so) I was crazy spending so much time in those “unreal” fantasy worlds. Those that did like to play a game every now and then were more like the FIFA Soccer type kind of players.

Through the years I have met plenty of like-minded people online with whom I could share fantasy or gaming-facts. However, internet bonds tend to be fragile and get easily broken. Every time I moved to a new game, there were new people I met and other people I left behind.

So a few months ago I started thinking… What if I started a blog about fantasy & science-fiction games, books & movies? Share my thoughts with everyone who wants to read it and hopefully reach some old friends.

About me

My name is Mattias and I work as a front-end web developer since 2007. I’m from Ghent in Belgium, which is by the way an extraordinary city definitely worth visiting if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.  I have a race-bike with which I like to go riding together with my friends De Pedaalzekers and I’m also part of a quiz team named De Peirdezekers. When I have some spare time left I like to write my own fantasy stories, I might post some of it later on if anyone would be interested. You can follow me on Twitter if you like, though I must warn you, it’s not always in English.

I’m also a big fan of the NHL Ice-Hockey team The New York Rangers. If you’d care about that at all you can follow me on my NHL Twitter account. Don’t expect anything else there.

What will you find here?

My intent is to post about RPG games mostly, old and new, combined with the occasional news about a tv show like “Game of Thrones” or about the books for that matter. I would like to show you interesting game & movie trailers that I come across in the hope to convince other people to get involved.

News about expansions, mods, sequels should get some place around here as well. Although I will not cover every Skyrim mod out there, if I come across a mod that baffles me you will know about it!

If you are still wondering what the hell mindflayers have to do with all this, then I can tell you that I’m writing an article to clarify that. You can expect it one of these days.

In the following weeks you may see updates and/or changes to the site, since I’m still fixing things and adding new features.

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to join me and leave your own thoughts, remarks or questions in the comment box you can see under every article. It should be easy since you can use nearly any online ID service (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo…) to comment.

I’m looking forward to interact with you.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1041748111 Yves Snoeren

    Looking forward to see in to your mind! :)


    • ForEach


  • Roy

    Neat. It’s looking good, now on to the content! :]

    Also, I don’t see Gravatar as an option when replying, which is what I was going to use. Oh well, Guest it is!

    • ForEach

      You’re right. I fixed it in the text. Plenty of other options though 😉

      Thx for the positive feedback!

  • Dennis_vdboorn

    Still have roughly the same interests so bring on the posts :)

    Are you only watching Game of Thrones or also reading the books?
    I started reading GoT 2 and a half years ago and was suprised to hear that HBO started to produce the series. I think they (mostly) kept treu to the story. But as good as the series is, the book is 10 times better. So be sure to read the books if you didnt start allready with them.

  • ForEach

    Hey Dennis, thanks for checking this out! 
    I bought the box with the first 5 books half a year ago. Yet I can’t seem to find the time to read it. I’ve seen the first season of the series, I however forbid myself to watch the second season before I’ve read the books! In the first book I’m about 100 pages far :) Just like 3 months ago ^^

  • Jeroen Savat

    Interesting 😉 I’ll be lurking.

    • ForEach

      Be careful down here 😉 You’re not the only lurker!