Fantasy Strijd Brugge 2012

Last week I went to Bruges with my girlfriend for her birthday. We were first going to go to Antwerp or Brussels, but we both didn’t feel like dealing with all the traffic over there so we went to Bruges instead. (Which turned out to be a good choice!)

After crossing the old town and doing the necessary shopping – what did you expect? – we came across a bookstore ‘Brugse Boekhandel‘. I always like to do a bookstore in a city that I visit. Even when they speak languages I don’t understand in that country like I did in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a large selection of fantasy books. Too bad they were all in dutch. Not that I don’t understand dutch (it’s my mother tongue), I just think you should read a book in the language that it’s first written in. I feel like a lot of the magic that the writer created with his words somehow goes lost in a translated book.

To cut to the chase, there it was, a flyer that said “Fantasy Strijd Brugge 2012”. A short story writing contest in the fantasy genre. I was curious, since as you might know I like to write fantasy stories every now and then when I find the time. I always have it hard to find an audience though! This contest seems like a good chance to get some feedback and maybe get some appreciation for what I write.

So, destined to participate I noticed the deadline is 25th of june. Which means there isn’t much time left to come up with something! Luckily I have already created a world in which I can make the story happen. It also said there’s a maximum of 1500 words, which means like two to three pages… How am I gonna write a good story in only 2 pages?

Then the last requirement is that it has to be written in Dutch. Personally I prefer to write in English, just because it can sound so much better, especially in the fantasy genre. Some words just happen to sound so dull or ordinary in dutch. For example the other day I was looking for a good translation for ‘warden’ and I end up with words like ‘bewaker’ & ‘wachter’. That just sounds a little too day-to-day for my likings.

Do you have experience with short stories? If you could write anything, what would you write about?

More information can be found at and at the Fantasy Strijd Brugge website.

If you’re interested in participating you should check out the contest rules.

  • Dennis

    Maybe you can make up your own words. Instead of “bewaker”  something like “vangmeester”. Lots of fantasy books do this. Good luck with the story :)