Going global

I’ve had some reactions as to the fact that I don’t post enough about fantasy movies or series. So the idea came up to allow guest bloggers to make a post every now and then. My cousin already sent me an article about the upcoming The Hobbit movie so you can expect to see that soon.

If anyone else of you is interested in writing a guest post, be my guest and let me know! :)

In other news I was thinking to get a .com address since .be might scare off non-belgians. Problem is that mindflayers.com already exists so I’ll need a new name. The idea is to maybe let go of the mindflayers, since in my opinion it is a little too tied to the D&D universe and I’d like to have a wider perspective…

What do you think? Should I change? Do you have suggestions for another domain name? Or should I just go for mindflayers.net?

  • ForEach

    Another idea is to create a new online identity/name with a .com adress that isn’t taken yet. I used to have ‘fantasy’ names online like Ryce, Shang, Rain, Sangdraxe, Skatoulaki… but those .com domains are taken… often without anything decent on those sites… :/