Hell, it’s about time…

Hey guys, it’s been a busy period for me so I would first of all like to apologize for not making any posts the last few weeks. However I’m back from the dead now and I hope not to disappoint you again any time soon by staying away for too long. I have pretty good reasons though.

First of all I have a new job since early may, I now work as front-end developer at Wax Interactive near Ghent, Belgium, close to where I live. There were a lot of new things in a short time but I have found my way over there and things are starting to run smoother now.

Second, I have had trouble with my health this month. They found a melanoma on my chest like 2 weeks ago that had to be cut out, photos had to be taken of my lungs, echoes of my armpits & stomach to check if it had already spread out… Luckily all photos turned out ok and the melanoma was surgically removed last week. So I’m clean now.

Lastly and probably mostly too, I blame Diablo III. It’s as good as I feared and I have spent way too much time in that game. I’m currently in act 3 on hell difficulty and about to reach level 60 soon with my demon hunter. It’s getting a little hard to survive with my glass cannon approach and they say the next difficulty level (inferno) is even harder. I can only hope for the best and I’ll let you know when I get there eventually…

Oh and it may interest you to know that I have come up with a short story I deem good enough to participate in that writing contest. I have summarized it in English already and will write it out in dutch one of these days. I can’t let you read it yet because that’s against the contest’s rules…

  • Roy

    Good news all around :]

    Also, caught the SC2 reference :p

  • Gemma ‘Stinkvoetjes’ Weston

    The good news is grand and very good to hear!

    Roy just said ‘He looks like Orlando Bloom!’ MASSIVE COMPLIMENT! You should so get a ‘stach and braided beard, thinking about it go the whole hog and get a  parrot, why not?! ;D

    • ForEach

      First he thinks I’m Orlando Bloom, and then the other day he thinks I’m a naked man with a book! I’d start asking questions if I were you gemma 😉

      about the parrot, yeah I’m trying to convince my gf, she doesn’t like birds!

      • Gem

        Sorry, I just now see this message!

        Haha! Roy? well he likes to compliment! I wish he would compliment me like he does you! ;D

        Parrots are pretty awesome! Sweet & loving birds! I can understand if she hates Pigeons…VERMIN!