Kaela – 4 – Reasons

“I am your captive?” Kaela tried to comprehend the situation while staying calm.
“I prefer to call you my guest.” Livington grinned. “Those goblins are dead and the whole of Undercity is looking for you. Best to stay low, right here. I’ll be honest with you Kaela. I sold you out to your Revenant when I noticed your potential back in Durotar. I needed intel in the cults and they could provide that. All they wanted was something in return. So I signed you up.”
Kaela laughed: “you are telling me The Revenant did not find me because he could sense my aura, like he told me?”
“Maybe he did, maybe he did not.” Livington shrugged. “I pointed him in your direction and got what I needed. Now that he’s gone – I can’t even find a trace of him – the deal is on hold and I take care of you again.”

“So basically he paid you to get to me? I find this remarkably interesting… Nevertheless, I’m not staying here, undead. I don’t need a babysitter” Kaela replied. “I can handle my own.”
“Yet you would have been on your way to Kezan if I hadn’t been there to save your green ass.”
“Kezan? They were going to bring me to Orgrimmar, to check my ‘loyalties’.” Kaela made it sound as sarcastic as possible.
“Don’t be a fool, orc! Do you think the new Warchief would send three armed goblins to escort members of his own embassy home? Do you think he would invade the Dark Lady’s territory so soon after the Kor’Kron left? Do you think he would force his own people to walk in line just like his predecessor did?” Livington paused, then resumed: “Those goblins were no messengers, they were mercenaries, assassins for hire.”
“Yet the letter they carried had Vol’Jin’s seal on it.” Kaela was still sceptical about the undead’s story.

“Every toy shop in Kezan has stamps like that. Hell, you can get them for free if you buy a pack of underwater-explosives…”
“That’s a lot of information to process you’re giving me, undead.”
“You should be grateful, I’m not known to share my knowledge with many.”
“That leaves the question: why? Why did you kill them, why did you save me? With the revenant gone, why not just let them gobs take me and move on? Why were you there anyway?”
Livington’s face showed no emotion, yet there was a rare sparkle in her hungry yellow eyes: “I knew they were up to no good when I saw them entering the city. I recognized their faces from a previous job: Gazdril, Bazil and Leika. Things always tend to get ugly whenever they show up. I followed them and saw they went straight for your home. I hadn’t made up my mind yet on what to do what you, so I had to act fast. I still had a score to settle with the girl goblin, so my choice was easily made. So here we are.”
“There’s something to your story that unsettles me, undead. I don’t know what yet, but when I do, you will be the first to know.”
“I just can’t wait to hear about it.” Livington answered sarcastically. “Until then, you will be working for me. I need you to build me a portal.”