Kaela – 1 – The Fall

“Called back!? They have no right!” Kaela swore under her breath as she smashed the letter on the table. “If Vol’Jin wants to know where our allegiance lies he should come here and screen us himself. I’m not going back to Orgrimmar for 6 months to be told what to do. Have they replaced a goon with an imbecile?”
The goblin messenger wasn’t impressed: “look lady, I’m just here to deliver the mail and escort you back to Orgrimmar. If ya don’t want to come willingly, we’ll have to take measures.” He lifted his scoped rifle and waved it suggestively. His two goblin companions smiled widely as if they were hoping she’d resist.
Kaela was about to blow up of rage: “If you don’t leave my quarters right now, I will call the guards!” The goblins just laughed. “That won’t be a problem”, the female goblin said as she went outside to guard the door.

“So it’s just the three of us now.” The goblin messenger grinned. “I take it you don’t want to come willingly? Look lady, when I look around here in your ‘quarters’ I see ‘things’ that don’t really belong in an ambassador’s house. I’m afraid I’ll have to report that as well if we have to force you to come.”
“I will not be threatened by lowly goblins!” Kaela answered and grabbed for her staff.
“Rico!” the goblin messenger yelled. “Get her!” The goblin laughed, but Rico didn’t do anything. “Rico!?” He yelled again and as he turned around to see to his companion there was only a cloud of black smoke. “What the!? Je..” Before he could finish his sentence and call for the female goblin he was struck hard by the end of Kaela’s staff.

Blood quickly spread over her floor as the smoke vanished. A leather clad female undead she had never seen before was standing right in front of her, holding a dead goblin by his hair as if it were a chicken. “You have to leave, Kaela” the forsaken said. Before Kaela could comprehend what was happening, the forsaken grabbed her, disarmed her and pulled her up into the Undercity rafters. Before they disappeared into the Undercity sewers she could see how the Undercity guards bashed open the door to her quarters, accompanied by a female goblin who cried in awe when she saw the two dead goblins lying on the floor.