Kaela – 3 – The Sewer Hideout

After crossing the remainder of the tunnel they entered a bigger corridor with goo streaming in the middle. There were raised pathways on both sides of the stream and a small bridge to reach a wooden door on the other side. A burning torch was hanging next to it. The undead unlocked the door and directed her in. “After you” she hissed. Kaela wasn’t in the mood to try anything so she went in. What she found inside was beyond her expectations. A fully decorated room, furry pelts on the floor and a zhevra hide on the wall above the hearthfire. A cooking pot was hanging over the hearth and fresh fruit was lying on a rather large wooden table. In the corner there was a stone bed, probably dating from better times in Lordaeron. After the initial overwhelming phase, Kaela came to her senses and faced the undead: “What is the meaning of this?”

– “I hope you like it, orc. This used to be my hiding place before the plague.” The undead explained. “And now it will become yours.”
Before Kaela could ask or say anything the undead continued: “Hush my dear, don’t fret. My name is Lorrhaine Livington, your ‘master’ may have mentioned me?”
– “My master?” Kaela tried to play the fool.
– “Don’t play tricks on me Kaela. I know all about you. I know how you tried to animate your first doll as a child, I know where you summoned your first and your last imp, I know how you betrayed your family, I even know the shape of the birthmark on your loins. I probably know more about you than you know yourself. You see, I had somewhat of a deal with your master, The Revenant.” Kaela’s mouth almost fell open as Livington continued her monologue. “However, since he has disappeared, he has failed to uphold his part of the bargain. So I thought it would be best to reclaim my part of the bargain.” She paused and looked straight into Kaela’s eyes before she whispered: “you.”