Kaela – 2 – The Sewers

The Undercity sewers were bigger than she thought. Beyond the few familiar passageways there seemed to be a vast network of endless tunnels. Kaela was intrigued by the possibilities, but soon realized no one could ever find the way in this maze. Nevertheless, her undead captor didn’t seem to have any trouble finding her way. “We’re almost there” she hissed. “If you want to live, follow my exact footsteps.”

Kaela did as she was asked. Not that she had many alternate options. This was the first tunnel where they didn’t have to walk in goo, water or other liquids. “Wait here.” The undead dashed through the tunnel in no time making various jumps and odd-looking moves before she disappeared behind the corner. Minutes went by and Kaela started wondering if she was allowed to move and if the undead would even come back for her.

Almost out of a habit she clicked her fingers and an imp seemed to crawl out of the floor. “Master, what is it?” he asked, looking as annoyed as ever. “I told you, I am not your master, I am your mistress.” Kaela had trouble to explain genders to the imp.
– “Whatever. Where the hell are we? This place stinks almost as bad as home!”
– “We’re in the sewers of Lordaeron. I need you to check if you can find a way out.”
– “You are lost? And you want me to find a way out?”
The imp started cackling, and then he started hopping around making a sound that sounded like laughing. “The master has lost his way!” It giggled and hopped through the tunnel trying to find a way out. Kaela cursed the imp for his irrespectful behaviour and before she could say anything back she heard a strain of hissing sounds. The imp looked at the three poisonous darts in his side before he fell down on the floor.
Not a minute after the undead was back. She looked at the dead imp, then back to Kaela.
“I hope he likes pain…” She said. “Come. I have shut down the tunnel’s defenses.”