Going global

I’ve had some reactions as to the fact that I don’t post enough about fantasy movies or series. So the idea came up to allow guest bloggers to make a post every now and then. My cousin already sent me an article about the upcoming The Hobbit movie so you can expect to see that soon.

If anyone else of you is interested in writing a guest post, be my guest and let me know! :)

In other news I was thinking to get a .com address since .be might scare off non-belgians. Problem is that mindflayers.com already exists so I’ll need a new name. The idea is to maybe let go of the mindflayers, since in my opinion it is a little too tied to the D&D universe and I’d like to have a wider perspective…

What do you think? Should I change? Do you have suggestions for another domain name? Or should I just go for mindflayers.net?


In the summertime…

Well it looks like summer finally started last week! I was going to make a post about the awful weather and suggest some games to kill the dark times. Instead I’ll give you a status update and you can find the upcoming games to check near the end of the post. Continue reading


Skyrim: Must-Have Mods

If you liked Skyrim as much as I did and are now eagerly awaiting the expansion pack to come out, I have a good list of reasons to dig up your copy and restart playing again right now!

Of course, like the title says, I will cover a few Skyrim mods that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. If you haven’t tried any Skyrim mods yet, I can seriously recommend it. It has taken my game to another level and is probably the main reason that the TES games are among my all-time favourite games. Continue reading


True gamer’s blood.

To hell and back.

Last week (or is it two weeks already?) the real-money Auction House launched on Diablo III. A friend of mine (you know who you are!) already sold his first item for around € 65. I haven’t heard from him since, I’m guessing he’s a euro millionaire by now. No, the truth is, I haven’t logged in since. I saw what Diablo III has to offer, and it was a little broken on Inferno difficulty. But most of all I just couldn’t be arsed to go through those 4 acts again. I tried starting a new toon but gave up on that soon after. So I had alot of fun with Diablo III while it lasted but once you’ve hit the max level there are like two options:

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Divinity – Original Sin

Ten to fifteen years ago – I can’t recall the exact date, but I was still a poor kid depending on my parents’ wallet – there was this game called Divine Divinity. I was still new to the genre and I hadn’t played any RPG’s but Baldur’s Gate 2 & Fallout 2. I was walking in Ghent and I saw Divine Divinity lying in a store. I had read a few things about this belgian game company that makes good games and I really wanted to try it out. However like I said I didn’t have much money and the little money I did get was spent every weekend with my friends. I’ve had the game in my hands multiple times thinking “I need this” but I never got to buying it.
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Hell, it’s about time…

Hey guys, it’s been a busy period for me so I would first of all like to apologize for not making any posts the last few weeks. However I’m back from the dead now and I hope not to disappoint you again any time soon by staying away for too long. I have pretty good reasons though.

First of all I have a new job since early may, I now work as front-end developer at Wax Interactive near Ghent, Belgium, close to where I live. There were a lot of new things in a short time but I have found my way over there and things are starting to run smoother now.

Second, I have had trouble with my health this month. They found a melanoma on my chest like 2 weeks ago that had to be cut out, photos had to be taken of my lungs, echoes of my armpits & stomach to check if it had already spread out… Luckily all photos turned out ok and the melanoma was surgically removed last week. So I’m clean now.

Lastly and probably mostly too, I blame Diablo III. It’s as good as I feared and I have spent way too much time in that game. I’m currently in act 3 on hell difficulty and about to reach level 60 soon with my demon hunter. It’s getting a little hard to survive with my glass cannon approach and they say the next difficulty level (inferno) is even harder. I can only hope for the best and I’ll let you know when I get there eventually…

Oh and it may interest you to know that I have come up with a short story I deem good enough to participate in that writing contest. I have summarized it in English already and will write it out in dutch one of these days. I can’t let you read it yet because that’s against the contest’s rules…


Fantasy Strijd Brugge 2012

Last week I went to Bruges with my girlfriend for her birthday. We were first going to go to Antwerp or Brussels, but we both didn’t feel like dealing with all the traffic over there so we went to Bruges instead. (Which turned out to be a good choice!)

After crossing the old town and doing the necessary shopping – what did you expect? – we came across a bookstore ‘Brugse Boekhandel‘. I always like to do a bookstore in a city that I visit. Even when they speak languages I don’t understand in that country like I did in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a large selection of fantasy books. Too bad they were all in dutch. Not that I don’t understand dutch (it’s my mother tongue), I just think you should read a book in the language that it’s first written in. I feel like a lot of the magic that the writer created with his words somehow goes lost in a translated book.

To cut to the chase, there it was, a flyer that said “Fantasy Strijd Brugge 2012”. A short story writing contest in the fantasy genre. I was curious, since as you might know I like to write fantasy stories every now and then when I find the time. I always have it hard to find an audience though! This contest seems like a good chance to get some feedback and maybe get some appreciation for what I write.

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TES Online

The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s been a busy week for Bethesda. First there was the 10-year anniversary of the multiple award-winning game TES III: Morrowind. Then they announced their first expansion for Skyrim (Dawnguard). Finally there was the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online to be produced by ZeniMax Online Studios, which you may know from Dark Ages of Camelot. Yep, the best singleplayer RPG series enters the ever-growing world of MMO’s hoping to become a leader in that genre as well.

However, they will first have to defeat the likes of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (who has more than 10 million monthly subscribers worldwide – that means they each pay at least € 10/month depending on the subscription plan they have), Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, Trion Worlds’ Rift & many more… Even for a franchise such as TES it won’t be easy to pass those two giants in MMO’s. Continue reading

Drow versus Illithid

A pact with the Illithid Mindflayer

Why did I choose such an ugly creature to cover my blog and what is a mindflayer anyway?

I was surprised to read and hear that some people didn’t know what a mindflayer was. And to be honest, after reading up on it, there wasn’t as much to find about them as I had thought.

I first learned about them when I was playing Baldur’s Gate II and I entered The Underdark for the first time. You know, that dark underground world consisting of interconnected tunnels and caves inhabited by the worst and most evil creatures imaginable. Back then in 2000 I was pretty new to the genre and I had heard little about this “Underdark”. Continue reading


Entering the fantasy world of the mindflayer

I’ve been into fantasy & games ever since I started playing the open beta of Lineage: The Blood Pledge back in 2000. Before that I considered elves to be tiny Peter-Pan-ish fairies and wizards to be a rabbit breeder with a magic hat. Needless to say I was immediately sold to the genre and through the following years I have only grown more fond of it.

Now the thing is, my friends never really liked gaming or fantasy as a whole. They thought (tbh I still believe they think so) I was crazy spending so much time in those “unreal” fantasy worlds. Those that did like to play a game every now and then were more like the FIFA Soccer type kind of players.

Through the years I have met plenty of like-minded people online with whom I could share fantasy or gaming-facts. However, internet bonds tend to be fragile and get easily broken. Every time I moved to a new game, there were new people I met and other people I left behind.

So a few months ago I started thinking… Continue reading