Skyrim: Must-Have Mods

If you liked Skyrim as much as I did and are now eagerly awaiting the expansion pack to come out, I have a good list of reasons to dig up your copy and restart playing again right now!

Of course, like the title says, I will cover a few Skyrim mods that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. If you haven’t tried any Skyrim mods yet, I can seriously recommend it. It has taken my game to another level and is probably the main reason that the TES games are among my all-time favourite games.

First some overall info, if you are familiar with how to add Skyrim mods you can skip this paragraph. There are a few ways to add Skyrim mods. One of them, the easiest one but least customizable, is to subscribe to mods via the Steam Workshop, the other is to download mods at SkyrimNexus and install them either manually or with the Nexus Mod Manager. Both sources don’t necessarily offer the same mods so it may be worthwhile to check out both sources. Be careful, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could potentially break your game, so read the readme’s for each mod.

 Immersive Armors

If you’re tired of the standard Skyrim armors, you should check this out. It’s a compilation of the best user-made armors that don’t break immersion. (You won’t see any Manga or Space armors here) My personal favourites are the warchief armor and the ranger armor. Check them out!

 SkyRe – Skyrim Redone

I actually discovered this mod last week. It’s a complete overhaul of Skyrim with improvements in the perk trees, combat, races, magic and items. Mods like this are what makes a TES game better than any other game in the genre. SkyRe is optimized for various playstyles that were a little neglected in vanilla Skyrim. You can now use alteration to imbue your weapons, craft dwemer spiders, summon personal familiars. There’s the possibility to specialize in short bows or rather in long bows, which is now a different playstyle. Overpowered skills such as enchanting and smithing have been toned down and balanced. You will not be god anymore with 100 enchanting. And the best thing is that this mod is completely modular, so you can choose yourself which parts of the mods you want to install. I tried it out and I made myself a brand new spellsword (which is much better supported with the new perks) and I must say the combat is harder, but more rewarding. Every enemy you defeat feels like a battle, instead of just hacking your way through every wave of enemies. Must have!


If you’re like me and you’re playing on a PC, then you probably hate the Gamepad interface as much as I do. No worries because there’s a mod for that! Everything is optimized for pc, which gives a better overview of your skills without needless scrolling. Yes, you can get this at Skyrim Nexus as well.

Cloaks of Skyrim

Have you ever seen a knight, a viking or a northern warrior without a cloak? No? Neither have I. TES games lacked cloaks for as long as I can remember and they are often one of the first and best things the modding community has to offer. It isn’t any different for Skyrim: there are a few cloak mods available and Cloaks of Skyrim is in my opinion the best. If that doesn’t satisfy your hunger you can also add WIC (Winter is coming) which adds more furry cloaks.

Bandolier – Bags and pouches

The last mod that I will cover has bags and pouches! I hear you thinking you already have a bag to put all your stuff in. That’s right, but it’s kind of invisible on your character isn’t it? Yeah, this mods allows you to wear bags and pouches like a pack mule. You can wear them over your armor, they make you look better imo, and depending on the bag, you gain extra carry weight capacity!

Of course these aren’t the only mods worth checking out, there are plenty more out there and it’s a whole new world to discover. There are mods that change the look of your character, the lighting and the weather of Skyrim and so on. One mod even takes you to Elsweyr, the faraway jungle homeland of the Khajiit.

And yes, there are nude mods too.

You can find all this and more on SkyrimNexus and Steam Workshop.

Speaking of Steam, Summer Sale is goin’ on there and there are some bargains to get every day! (I bought Bioshock 1 & 2 this weekend for 10 EUR in total ;))

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    what armor is that (under bags and pouches)