True gamer’s blood.

To hell and back.

Last week (or is it two weeks already?) the real-money Auction House launched on Diablo III. A friend of mine (you know who you are!) already sold his first item for around € 65. I haven’t heard from him since, I’m guessing he’s a euro millionaire by now. No, the truth is, I haven’t logged in since. I saw what Diablo III has to offer, and it was a little broken on Inferno difficulty. But most of all I just couldn’t be arsed to go through those 4 acts again. I tried starting a new toon but gave up on that soon after. So I had alot of fun with Diablo III while it lasted but once you’ve hit the max level there are like two options:

– Reroll with another class
– Continue with your current class and enter the ‘endgame’.

Neither of those seemed particularly interesting to me, and I think I’ll just get back to Diablo after a few patches when classes and difficulty levels are balanced.

Writing contest

So, released from Diablo’s evil grasp I could focus on things that mattered again. I finished my story which I’m about to submit later today. Even though dutch is my mother tongue, it was a lot harder for me to write in dutch than it is in English. Even now that it is ‘finished’ I feel like there’s a few flaws which I can’t seem to fix.

Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Yesterday the first Civilization V expansion pack was released. I bought the Civilization V GOTY edition on Steam last year and I quite liked the concept of the game. Therefore I was anxious to see this expansion pack which adds ‘religion’ to the game. I haven’t tried it yet but I promise that I will soon and I’ll let you know what I think about it!

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II

Another game I had bought on Steam during their christmas sales was Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II. I had started playing it, but I bought so many games during that sellout that I couldn’t find the time to play any of them for more than a few hours. Warhammer stood out to me but there was no time to play! I played a few games last week and I had alot of fun. It’s some kind of RTS mixed with RPG elements. You get a few heroes, each with their combat unit and play with them through various missions in deep space. You find items for all your squadrons, your heroes gain levels and you can spend skill points  just like you would in an RPG. I would recommend this game to any fan of RPG & RTS games.

Game of Thrones

In the little time I had left I found a little room to read! Only a few pages per day but I’m getting there! I’m halfway now and hope to finish it next month! I think it goes so slow because I’ve seen the series on tv and I already know what’s going to happen. I didn’t make the mistake of watching the second season so I’m quite anxious to start the second book!

True Blood

Last but not least, a new season (S5) of True Blood has started a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping to see it real soon!

Oh before I forget: Help my girlfriend out and vote for her photo in the ‘Goed Gezien’ category. She’ll be forever grateful 😉

That’s all folks!


  • Dennis

    I had the same feeling with d3… Tho i did feel it was worth its money. Gave me more hours of gametime then the usual game these days.

    I played CIV 5 awhile back but i kind of feel every game is the same. Everytime a new Civ is realeased i try it play 3 or 4 games and get bored with it. I dont know why.

    I finished book 5 of A song of fire and ice (GoT) will be some time till book 6 comes out. So im now reading other books. Had a feel for Sci-Fi so im reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. Very enjoyable i must add.

    Might try the Warhammer RTS havent played an RTS in awhile :)

    • http://twitter.com/ForEachNYR Mattias De Mey

      yeah, Diablo III is definitely worth its money! And I will surely get back to it but for now I’ve seen enough! :)

      Civilization games are the same and are not the same imo. My last Civilization game took me 22 hours to complete… There are multiple ways of winning and each civilization requires a different approach on how to run your empire. There are a few new civilizations such as the Dutch in the expansion pack. I just lost Rotterdam to the Celts earlier today… they will pay for it in time though! 

      Isn’t book 6 of Game of Thrones out yet?  I thought I saw it in the bookstore few weeks ago. I checked some books by Terry Goodkind a few weeks ago.. If I get through my game of thrones series I’m definitely gonna check those out. And about Sci-Fi, I’d love to read the Dune series.

      Warhammer is definitly fun but it’s not a regular RTS. Be sure to check some reviews and videos before you play it 😉 There are 2 expansions already.

      • ForEach

        obviously I posted with the wrong account here 😉

    • ForEach

      Hey Dennis, I noticed Warhammer 40k is on a -75% discount today! It’s only until 19.00 at monday, so you should hurry 😉

  • Jeroen Savat

    Damned right – some flaws, but a game worth every penny :)
    You forgot about hardcore btw – that’s the route i’ll be taking for replayability.
    Good luck with that story.

    • ForEach

      Story submitted and validated! there were more than 200 submissions so I will need that luck 😉

  • Gem

    I miss being a ‘Gamer’! Without a PC ..well it truly sucks! Soon ……!!

    Also on the True Blood front, I remember seeing the first episode it was kinda Pornographic but with vampires.  So I have never really gotten into it! I cannot believe there has now been 5 series! I’m always the last to catch up the hip things folks are watching. 

    Mattias, try reading ‘The Hunger Games’ it’s such a good and addictive book. I could not put it down and it’s so easy to read! Really need to finish the first one so I can make a comparison with the movie! ^^

    • ForEach

      you should get a new pc, they don’t  cost that much, i think the games miss you too 😉

      About True Blood, yea the start was a bit cheesy. There’s some more explicit scenes later on, but by then you’ll be suck(y)ed into the series enough not to care anymore 😉

      And yes, the Hunger Games are on the list of “things-to-buy-on-amazon” :) Along with the “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” books 😉